Combo - Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator & Mushroom Business Design Guide

A revolutionary new Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator is now available. Gone are the days that other people or companies take control of your business by the withholding of crucial information. If you don’t understand substrate design, either somebody else controls your business or you don’t have a profitable business. To get maximum use of the Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator, we have compiled the Mushroom Business Design Guide which will explain the value of the calculator with examples and substrate formulations applicable to various mushroom species. Additional emphasis will be on the know-how to structure or design your mushroom business in such a manner that you can operate at optimum levels for maximum profitability.

The Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator & Mushroom Business Design Guide orders are now open:

Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator

Mushroom Substrate Design Calculator
Microsoft Excel based

Mushroom Business Design Guide

Mushroom Business Design Guide
In DRM-free PDF e-Book format


About the Authors / Designers


Adriaan Smit completed mushroom training courses at the Centrum voor Champignonteelt Onderwijs, Horst, The Netherlands and the International Mycological Institute (CABI BioSciences), Egham, Surrey, England. He holds a Magister of Science degree in Plant Pathology (Mycology) and a Doctoral degree in Microbiology (Mycology) from the Universities of Stellenbosch and Free State respectively. A successful 25 year scientific career, including Scientist of the Year Award and organiser and chairperson of the 1st Educational Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Conference preceded his current position as managing director of the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy. As commercial mushroom cultivator, he was selected as one of four national finalists in the FNB Enablis Business LaunchPad Competition, an achievement which reflects a high level of entrepreneur potential and commitment.


Co-author Markus Peter-Erik Janssens is endowed with a love of the business world. Following completion of an Honors and a Master’s degree in the Science Faculties of the Universities of Pretoria and Cape Town (UCT) respectively, he started a software business with a friend. He soon thereafter graduated as a prestigious Gold Medalist from the MBA programme at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Of Dutch descent and company director of a research business he is excited at sharing a wealth of international experience in the world of business planning, marketing and sales. Being treasurer to the Royal Society of South Africa he combines his interest in finance with a fascination of science. Involvement as Allan Gray Mentor to talented young people helps him positively influence the next generation of South Africans.

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